Attractions in Virginia and Outer Banks, NC

Landmarks, Things to Do, and More

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals offers unique experiences among our six resorts. While guests at Oceanaire Resort, Ocean Beach Club, Turtle Cay Resort, Boardwalk Resort Hotel & Villas, and Beach Quarters are surrounded by many popular attractions in Virginia, Beachwood Resorts in North Carolina provides guests with a variety of nearby Outer Banks attractions.

Guests at our Virginia Beach resorts have the flexibility of either staying within a few minutes of our resorts or venturing farther out into the heart of Virginia, including nearby towns Norfolk and Williamsburg. Elevate your experience in our region with a visit to top Virginia Beach landmarks.

Here are some ideas when choosing the best attractions in Virginia:

Learn more here by using our Virginia Beach attractions map to find everything easily.

Similarly, Beachwood welcomes travelers to North Carolina with outdoor hotel activities unlike any other resort as well as convenient access to Outer Banks sights.

Some of our favorite Outer Banks activities include:

View our Outer Banks attractions map for more information.